Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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Behind the Waves

Welcome to our Blog Page – your central source for the latest insights, stories, and updates from the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. Dive in to stay informed and explore the heart of the event.

11th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge: a laboratory of innovations driving technological progress

At the Yacht Club de Monaco the hydrogen innovation in the maritime industry

Vita and Evoy announced today that they are joining forces

NatPower H completes hydrogen refueling of three boats competing in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024

Records tumble!

Monaco Energy Boat Challenge contestants get straight to the heart of the matter

Kick-off tomorrow for 11th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

The Yacht Club de Monaco and the IEMA announce their collaboration for the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024

To encourage R&D and development of sustainable yachting

The 21 teams in the Energy Class reveale

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