Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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projects 2024

  • TU DELFT HYDRO MOTION Technical University of Delft
  • GREENFOILING Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • China flag Monaco Energy Boat Challenge
    Hydro Technologies Hong Kong Hydro Technologies Limited
Drapeau Pays-Bas Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

tu delft hydro motion


As the Solar Boat Team, our team has been competing in Monaco for some time with our fast and efficient solar boats. In 2021, we decided to change course and go hydrogen. That year, we built the world’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat. We iterated on this project and last summer, Team 23 became world champions in Monaco in the Open Sea class.


Last year, to steer, the whole backstay could be turned. This year, we’ve integrated a rudder into our backstay. What’s more, this year the steering system is electric rather than mechanical. This is in line with our desire to improve seaworthiness, so that we can steer more easily, even in rough waters.

For the rest, there have been no notable changes to our system.



GFS is made up of 36 students from 5 UPM schools. We’ve gone from a competitive team to an R&D project, collaborating with industrial partners to promote a clean, sustainable and efficient shipbuilding industry. The project is now an integral part of the university’s curriculum, with more than 10 final year or master’s projects, 5 internships and 2 doctoral theses. In addition, GFS has been integrated into ETSIN’s master’s degree in naval and ocean engineering, where 14 students are carrying out research projects for the development of the next vessel.


With a view to making a contribution to society and industry, we are developing Spain’s first hydrogen-powered hydrofoil boat. Currently in an advanced design phase, we have begun building the hull at the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA). The design includes foils with inverted PI-shaped flaps for the main foil and inverted T-shaped flaps for the rear foil. The vessel is equipped with over 200 sensors for real-time data collection, facilitated by a 5G connection to the cloud.

China flag Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Hydro Technologies