Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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Job Forum


Bridging Horizons:

Students Meet the nautical industry

The Job Forum creates opportunities for students to make contacts with the yachting industry to meet growing demand for new talent.

I'm a Professional

Engaging with peers to share expertise, promote innovations, and scout potential talent in the sustainable boating industry.

I'm looking for an opportunity

Seeking knowledge, networking opportunities, & potential job openings in the sustainable boating sector to advance my career.

Some companies involved

I'm a Professional

  • Expand Your Network This is the perfect setting to meet industry peers and forge new business relationships.
  • Knowledge Sharing Come and share your expertise, debate current trends, and enrich yourself from the insights of other experts.
  • Promotion Proudly represent your company or products and introduce them to a broader audience.
  • Recruitment Be on the lookout for emerging talents that could join your team.
  • Staying Updated Keep yourself updated with the latest innovations, technologies, and market dynamics.

I'm looking for an opportunity

  • Broaden Your Horizons Engage with industry leaders, learn about the latest trends, and discover where your skills fit best.
  • Networking Connect with professionals who can guide you, offer advice, or even present job opportunities.
  • Skill Enhancement Attend workshops and sessions designed to refine your skills and make you a more attractive candidate.
  • Job Opportunities Many companies will be scouting for talent; this is your chance to shine and get noticed.
  • Stay Informed Understand the current market dynamics, innovations, and where the industry is headed.

some success stories

Thomas grosjean profil
Thomas Grosjean

A 2019 competitor from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers has since joined Helion Hydrogen Power, an Areva subsidiary, following an internship, where he is now a fuel cell engineer, maritime and waterway development.

stefano pezzotta profil
Stefano Pezzotta

A student at Politecnico di Milano and 2022 competitor is now an engineer specialising in renewable energies, currently working at Rolls Royce as part of its Graduate Programme in the Engineering & Technology section.

sanaa mohammad profil
Sanaa Mohammad

Involved in 2022 with the Sea Sakhti Indian team from Kumaraguru College of Technology, as part of the Team Management section, Sana’a then got a job in the Communications Ministry in India.

Share your achievements with us

Did this event contribute to a notable achievement or milestone in your journey?
We’re gathering success stories to highlight the positive outcomes and achievements stemming from our event. Please share your experiences with us.