Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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A Deep Dive into the Future of Marine Energy

This half day of conference welcomes the industry, YCM members & the public around keynote presentations & roundtables, highlighting the industry’s challenges & progress towards a more responsible yachting future.

Conference 2025


Monaco Energy Boat Challenge


Alternative Fuels and Advanced Yachting Technology Conference

Organised by the Yacht Club de Monaco.
This conference will address the questions of technology awareness for the maritime and yachting industries regarding alternative fuels and advanced state of the art technologies.


Transition to Sustainability: Overcoming Obstacles, Commitment, and Embracing Change.

During a conference entitled Sustainability Transition: Challenges, Engagement, Adoption panellists analysed the impact of using new solutions and energies on the whole ecosystem from R&D to design, development and building of boats be they offshore race yachts, motorboats, pleasure craft or superyachts. All the speakers stressed the importance of letting the new generation express themselves. “It’s young students with their passion, energy and concern for the environment who will accelerate the pace of change,” says Luca Santella, Head of Product Strategy at Bluegame of the Sanlorenzo group. By investing in the design of chase boats for the America’s Cup, the Italian shipyard confirms its desire to contribute to the development of sustainable yachting.