Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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a young student working on his boat's solar panel
a solar boat team preparing its boat
a team at work on their boat


  • Discover the paddocks
  • Visit the Hospitality Unit (Job Forum, Simulator...)
  • Visit the SeaLab, YCM E-Dock & E-Marina pontoons
  • Test boats with electric propulsion from YCM E-Dock in the YCM Marina
  • Watch the races live from Quai Luciana on the free access stands and Promenade Jacques Boissy
  • Attend the exhibitor industry pitches & daily Tech Talks by the teams at YCM
  • Discover the online game

The tribune

free entrance

For spectators eager to capture the essence of the races at the stadium, the Lucciana Jetty offers an unmatched vantage point. Designed with the audience in mind, the tribune on this jetty delivers sweeping views of the thrilling competitions. As boats slice through the waves, and teams vie for the lead, spectators can feel the adrenaline, the splash of water, and the collective anticipation of the crowd.

Whether you’re a maritime aficionado, cheering for a specific team, or simply in search of a day filled with excitement, the tribune on the Lucciana Jetty promises a memorable experience. Secure your spot, and let the maritime ballet unfold right in front of you.

reasons to come to the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge


Front-Row to Innovation

Experience firsthand the future of maritime technology, as teams showcase their cutting-edge designs and eco-friendly innovations in a competitive setting.


Thrilling Races

Dive into the excitement as boats glide, maneuver, and sprint across the water, battling for the top spot, ensuring edge-of-the-seat action throughout.


Vibrant Atmosphere

From the roaring crowd on the Lucciana Jetty to the bustling activities shoreside, the event is a carnival of maritime passion and enthusiasm.


Networking & Engagement

Mingle with maritime aficionados, industry experts, and fellow spectators, enriching your understanding and appreciation of the maritime world.


Cultural Experience

 Set against the glamorous backdrop of Monaco, the challenge offers not just races but a blend of luxury, tradition, and maritime heritage, making it a holistic event for all attendees.


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Monaco’s station is 7 minutes on foot to the Challenge, take Sainte- Dévote exit.

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No. 80 from Menton to Sainte-Dévote bus stop; from Nice to Princesse Antoinette bus stop.

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Grimaldi Forum car park is 8 minutes by foot to the village and paddocks. Car parks near the main harbour wall (“digue”) provide direct access to the Solarium with view over the race area.

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With the Electric Boat Bus you can cross the harbour to reach the village from Quai Antoine 1er.