Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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Universities Dive into the Challenge

Across the globe, top academic institutions are diving headfirst into the prestigious Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, not as mere institutions, but through their dynamic student teams. Representing their universities’ spirit of innovation, these teams are melding theory with practice, showcasing cutting-edge sustainable maritime technology

a team at the awards ceremony with their cheque

WINNER 2023 - 2022 - 2021

University of Bologna

In a fierce display of innovation and competition at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, the spotlight shone brightest on the Italian team, Uniboat from Bologna University. Emerging as the champions of the Energy Class, their victory was a testament to their advanced design and unparalleled reliability.


Building on their legacy, it’s noteworthy to mention that this isn’t their first triumph. They have proven their mettle by being the crowned victors in both 2021 and 2022. Such consistent performances highlight their dominance in the field and their unwavering commitment to sustainable maritime advancements. With a track record like this, they undeniably set the benchmark for eco-friendly boating innovations.

Other winner

2019 - Wave Estaca Team

reasons to come to the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge


Sustainable Innovation

Embrace the challenge to showcase a commitment to eco-friendly maritime solutions and addressing global climate issues.


Hands-on Learning

Offer students an unmatched opportunity for real-world application of their theoretical knowledge, from designing boats to racing them.


Boosted Reputation

Make a mark on a global stage, highlighting the university’s excellence in engineering, technology, and sustainability.


Interdisciplinary Teamwork

Enhance holistic learning by promoting cross-departmental collaboration and fostering a rich culture of teamwork.


Global Networking

Create avenues for students and faculty to connect with global industry leaders, potential partners, and pioneering researchers.