Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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NOT TO BE MISSED on the sea!

The thrilling races, set against the stunning backdrop of Monaco's coastline, make for an unforgettable spectacle. Each team, whether backed by a prestigious university or a group of passionate innovators, vies for supremacy, pushing the boundaries of what's possible on water.

The tribune

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For spectators eager to capture the essence of the races at the stadium, the Lucciana Jetty offers an unmatched vantage point. Designed with the audience in mind, the tribune on this jetty delivers sweeping views of the thrilling competitions. As boats slice through the waves, and teams vie for the lead, spectators can feel the adrenaline, the splash of water, and the collective anticipation of the crowd.


Whether you’re a maritime aficionado, cheering for a specific team, or simply in search of a day filled with excitement, the tribune on the Lucciana Jetty promises a memorable experience. Secure your spot, and let the maritime ballet unfold right in front of you.

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e-boat rallye monaco energy boat challenge
e-boat rally monaco energy boat challenge

ycm e-boat rally

The YCM e-Boat Rally during the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is a showcase of sustainable boating. Organized by the Yacht Club de Monaco, this event highlights electric boats and renewable energy, promoting an eco-friendly approach to yachting. It’s a celebration of marine innovation and a commitment to a cleaner maritime future.

Spectators lined the waterfront, their faces lit with awe and excitement as these eco-friendly vessels glided gracefully through the azure waters. From sleek and futuristic designs to innovative propulsion systems, each boat showcased the power of clean energy and sustainable practices in the maritime world.

Amidst the stunning backdrop of Monaco’s coastline, the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge showcased its nautical prowess with the highly anticipated Maneuverability Trial. This event transformed the azure waters into a thrilling arena where precision and finesse took center stage.

The YCM Speed Record event is a thrilling spectacle where boats, designed for maximum velocity, race against the clock to reach unprecedented speeds. Spectators line the shores, their hearts racing in tandem with the vessels as they slice through the water with unmatched precision.

speed trial

The Speed Trial for the Open Sea Class is a high-stakes, adrenaline-pumping competition that puts boats and sailors to the ultimate test of velocity and endurance on the open ocean. In this event, vessels are pushed to achieve the highest speeds possible over a specified course, typically in challenging sea conditions.

Previous editions

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