Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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race simulator


Recharge your batteries, get set, go!

Launched 2021, some new features (such as IA Bot in single player mode) have been inaugurated for the challenge!

Available online, experience the challenges of solar boat racing. Designed by students who competed at the event before, in partnership with YCM, it’s a great tool to find out what these unique boats can do.
Multiplayer Championship:
Engage in an exciting multiplayer Championship event where you can compete against friends or opponents from around the world. Choose between playing alone, inviting friends to join your game session, or competing against other players online. Showcase your customized dream boat’s speed, maneuverability, and overall performance to claim victory in this thrilling multiplayer experience.

What to do ?

Create your dream boat by selecting the specific components you want, such as propellers, engine, foils, and more. You have a budget to adhere to, so choose wisely.

Once you have customized your boat, it’s time to take on various challenges:

1. Break the solar boat speed record
2. Compete in a slalom course
3. Test your maneuvering skills

In addition, there is a new Championship event in the multiplayer version of the game. You have the option to play alone, invite friends to join, or compete against opponents from around the globe.

1. Break the solar boat speed record: Utilize the high-performance propellers, efficient electric motor, lightweight hull, hydrofoils, and solar panels to achieve maximum speed while maintaining sustainability.
2. Compete in a slalom course: Demonstrate your boat’s maneuverability by navigating through a challenging slalom course with precision control and quick responsiveness.
3. Test your maneuvering skills: Show off your boat’s agility by performing tight turns, figure eights, and other maneuvers that highlight its exceptional handling capabilities.