Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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monaco energy boat challenge

The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge traces its roots back to the historic powerboat meetings in Monaco. These gatherings, held by the Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM), were a celebration of nautical prowess and showcased the finest in traditional powerboat design and performance. However, as the world’s attention began to shift towards sustainability and alternative energy, so did the focus of these meetings.

The Yacht Club de Monaco has always been a leader in promoting innovation in the nautical world. Recognizing the need for more sustainable maritime practices, it decided to pivot its traditional powerboat meetings towards a competition focused on energy innovation. This marked the birth of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge.


In 1904, Monaco hosted the first international powerboat contest, making maritime history. This event, set against the stunning backdrop of the principality, drew enthusiasts from across Europe. The roar of engines signaled a new era in boating competitions. Monaco’s initiative showcased emerging powerboat technology and established the principality’s enduring link to maritime sports.

First motor-yachts in Monaco


In 2014, the Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) introduced “Solar One,” a pioneering initiative promoting sustainable maritime solutions. This groundbreaking effort gave rise to the Solar Class, which commenced competing in Monaco that very year. As these solar-powered vessels raced through Monegasque waters, they represented a substantial move towards eco-friendly boating and underscored Monaco’s dedication to leading the way in sustainable maritime sports.

23 teams

10 Nationalities

First solar team for monaco energy boat challenge
Visitors during the monaco energy boat challenge


In 2017, Monaco took yet another leap forward in maritime innovation with the introduction of the Offshore Class. This exciting new category invited industrialists from around the globe to showcase their cutting-edge innovations in sustainable boating. As these advanced vessels gracefully graced Monaco’s waters, they not only highlighted the latest in offshore technology but also underscored the principality’s unwavering dedication to fostering innovation in the maritime industry.

21 teams

8 Nationalities


In 2018, Monaco strengthened its dedication to sustainable maritime innovation by launching the Monaco Energy Class. This class was designed to spearhead future propulsion systems, serving as a platform for teams to showcase their pioneering projects.

Through “Tech Talks,” participants openly exchanged their innovative ideas, fostering a collaborative spirit and promoting open-source advancements in the maritime field.


In 2019, a pivotal year for the Monaco maritime competition, teams harnessed the power of hydrogen for the first time, demonstrating its potential in sustainable propulsion. An exclusive exhibition area was inaugurated to welcome start-ups, boat builders, and innovative projects. The event broadened its scope by introducing conferences and job dating sessions. Additionally, the launch of Monaco’s inaugural hydrogen working group and the introduction of two prototypes using H2 solutions emphasized the principality’s determination to lead in maritime sustainability.

2020 - online edition

In 2020, in response to global challenges, the Monaco maritime competition underwent a transformation into a Special Edition: an International Online Event. Embracing the digital realm, this edition ensured the enduring spirit of innovation and collaboration by connecting maritime enthusiasts and innovators from around the world in a virtual space.

18 teams

12 Nationalities

race participant
Group picture during monaco energy boat challenge


In 2023, Monaco’s maritime competition hit new heights, showcasing cutting-edge sustainable marine tech. It built on past success, attracting a record turnout. Innovators shared their latest solutions.

A major 2023 highlight was the first “eBoat Rally.” Teams worldwide raced, spotlighting electric and eco-friendly tech.

46 teams

25 Nationalities

25 electic boats on sea