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NatPower H completes hydrogen refueling of three boats competing in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024

11e Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

MadBlue marine P-01, Inocel-Poséidon and Cambridge University Riviera Racing catamaran refueled with an average of 30 minutes 

 NatPower H, the world’s leading developer for the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen and part of the NatPower Group, announces the finalisation of the first hydrogen refueling during the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, a nautical event organised by the Yacht Club de Monaco and dedicated to alternative propulsion and hull design innovations. Making its debut at the eleventh edition of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, NatPower H aims to accelerate the hydrogen transition in boating at an event featuring more than 50 zero-emission boats. 

The refueling operation for green hydrogen took place in the early hours of the morning at the port of Monaco with support from Linde. Boats served by the filling facility include those created by MadBlue Marine P-01 and Inocel-Poseidon, and Cambridge University Riviera Racing, a student team with the aim of demonstrating the viability of hydrogen as a fuel for a more sustainable maritime future, are incredibly excited to work with a company with similarly lofty ambitions for the industry. 

INOCEL developed its first marine demonstrator Poseidon featuring a propulsion chain engineered by GEKO featuring a INOCEL fuel cell system. This hydrogen fuel cell boat offers performance and autonomy comparable to its thermal equivalent, demonstrating the potential for a high-power hydrogen world, without making any compromises. With no noise and vibrations, Poseidon is a prime example of how hydrogen fuel cell technology can be leveraged to great effect in the maritime sector. 

MadBlue Marine is dedicated to developing sustainable boats without compromising performance. Driven by the belief that addressing tomorrow’s challenges requires action today, MadBlue Marine has introduced the P-01, a hydrogen-powered boat that is already navigating waters. The company is committed to the potential of the marine industry and marinas to transition to cleaner energy sources. MadBlue Marine is grateful to join forces with Natpower H and demonstrate that hydrogen refueling operations are a practical and viable option. 

We are thrilled to have brought green hydrogen into the world of yacht racing, demonstrating that it is possible to combine technological innovation and respect for the environment. The support of the Yacht Club de Monaco was crucial to the success of this operation,” said Andrea Minerdo, CEO of NatPower H. “We are committed to promoting innovative and sustainable energy solutions, and our participation in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge represents a significant step towards a future in which green hydrogen will be the protagonist of maritime mobility.”  

“It’s important for us to see that the mobilisation is joint and involves all the key players in the yachting sector alongside the young engineering students, who are working together through the mentoring programme and open-source exchanges” says YCM General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri.  

Thanks to this operation, NatPower H consolidates its position as a pioneer in the green hydrogen sector, continuing to develop and implement technologies that contribute to reducing the environmental impact of yachting. 


NatPower H  

NatPower H is the world’s leading developer of innovative infrastructure for the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen. NatPower H is part of the NatPower Group, an independent developer of infrastructural projects for clean energy generation, providing support to enterprises, utilities and investors globally. The company, boasting one of the largest renewable energy project pipelines in the world—totalling more than 30 GW—drives the energy transition process across all major technologies including solar, wind, storage and hydrogen. In just a few years, NatPower has secured its standing as one of the most prominent independent developers, with operations in seven different countries: Italy, UK, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada, Tunisia and Chile. With three offices in Milan, London and Washington D.C., the company has a workforce of more than 70 employees across three continents.