Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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2023 Entry List

  • anvera Anver E-Labo
  • as labruna Futura
  • as labruna E-Vision Lab
  • Ferretti Group Ei-ISEO
  • comarbel Comarbel
  • XSHORE EElex 8000
  • performance marine & evoy Performance E801
  • solarboats Lasai 20GL
  • TECNICO SOLAR BOAT Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Vamp Marine Vamp
  • VITA Seal 5
  • VITA Vita Lion
  • laneva Naiade
  • edyn Edyn
  • edyn Edyn VSR
  • Hydro Impulse HI-01-R&D
  • XShore Xshore 1
  • candela sud plaisance Candela


Anver E-Labo


Anvera Elab is the prototype of a monohull planing boat, totally built in carbon fiber. It is the result of a project which consists in designing and building a pleasure boat with an all-electric propulsion. The project takes place in cooperation with TecnoElettra. Key to the project is to conceive a product in which all its parts are integrated and designed to achieve the ultimate goal of maximum efficiency; therefore it is not a product that assembles innovative components but components born in different contexts or for other projects.

as labruna



Futura is a concentration of new technologies towards sustainable mobility, it is a boat built in 1968 and restored in 2022. It is powered by two electric outboard engines E-Vision X-20 of 11 kW – 48V each one.
Equipped with a battery pack of 5 kWh and with two hydrogen fuel cells of 1 kW each one on board, that increase the autonomy up to ten hours. The boat represents a scalable concept on larger dimensions and gives an iadea of how the autonomy of full electric boats can be solved using fuel cell technology.
On board there are services such as navigation lights, bilge pump, accessory instruments and a stereo system.

as labruna

E-Vision Lab


E-Vision Lab, the second boat exhibited by AS Labruna, is a 5.7m length overall boat characterised by a light displacement of 500 kg with a planing hull with flat exits. Stability has been increased thanks to its maximum beam of 2m located in the stern which, with its large transom, can accommodate up to 3 x 20 outboard motors of 11.5 kW 48 V. Autonomy is ensured by 4 batteries of 7 kWh each.




Reducing local emissions by 99%. C-8 is a long-range, all-electric craft that travels silently above the surface of the water. No emissions. We designed it to be the most efficient boat ever built. At 20 knots, the energy usage per nautical mile is just 0,8 kWh. To put that into perspective, that’s the energy content of 0,1 liter of gasoline.

ferretti group

Rivael – ISEO


El-Iseo is the fully electric-powered version of the much-loved and versatile Iseo, a 27-foot runabout with modern and seductive lines, whose sophisticated soul it keeps intact while preserving its hull, deck and details of style and colors, with a Parker GVM310 full-electric motor.




Comarbel presents a beautiful mahogany boat from the Roaring Twenties (1924) which has been retrofitted with electric propulsion. Based at the Nautical Society on the old port of Marseille, this elegant boat is ideally located for sea trips in a refined and intimate setting.


Edyn VSR


The brand name E’dyn established by the company Podkriznik d.o.o. is the short name for Electric Dynamic Nautics. The company offers electrical propulsion systems for boats in different variations and powers. Its goal is to create smart electric mobility solutions for people who move around on water. E’dyn propulsion systems and motors can be used on various vessels on lakes, rivers and seas. Its competences include a high degree of innovative strength, speed, global manufacturing competence, decades of experience in drive systems and professional sales and service knowhow.

Hydro Impulse

HI-01 R&D


The Hydro Impulse is an innovative impeller system that increases boat efficiency by up to 20%. It improves power transfer from the drive to the water, resulting in greater range and reduced battery capacity, weight, and costs. This cutting-edge technology is compatible with various motor and drive manufacturers, making it a versatile solution for different boat types.
By enabling the operation of larger boats with less power, the Hydro Impulse promotes energy savings and environmental conservation. It paves the way for more eco-friendly and efficient boats, reducing energy consumption while increasing performance and range.




Lanéva Boats designs customised boats that are 100% electric. With attention to craftsmanship, detail and sustainable development, Laneva chose to combine rare exceptional skills to create their own identity and design electric boats that are not only beautiful but also efficient. They employ the best technologies in the world based on the triptych “exceptional, nature and technology”.

Performance marine x Evoy



Evoy®’s vision is to deliver an irresistible boating experience by developing sustainable electric motor systems to accelerate the shift to emission free electric boating. Evoy® develops longer-lasting, sustainable motor systems that reduce CO2 emissions at sea.

rs Electric Boats

Pulse 63


The Pulse 63 is an impressive 6.3m fully integrated electric RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). With its powerful RAD40 electric motor and up to 63kWh battery capacity, this electric RIB offers an excellent range for extended journeys. What sets the Pulse 63 apart is its exceptional maneuverability, thanks to the RAD40 leg with 180-degree steering. This feature allows the boat to turn within its own length, providing incredible agility on the water. The cathedral hull design of the Pulse 63 ensures optimal efficiency, allowing the boat to easily get on plane and achieve high speeds. With a top speed of 23 knots, the Pulse 63 offers a thrilling experience while maintaining comfort and stability throughout various cruising speeds.


SeaLab #3



The DeepSpeed patented electric jet propulsion system features energy efficiency parameters significantly higher than any other propeller-based propulsion. The jet and the electric engine are integrated together and are positioned outboard. The propulsion system is completed by a modular and highly sophisticated powertrain, composed of a particularly advanced battery pack (available also with fireproof system) a proprietary user interface dashboard, a proprietary control unit software and a cloud diagnostic and information. For the hybrid version also providing an extremely powerful and compact range extender.


Lasai 20GL


Discover a new way of boating with Lasai.Zero noise, Zero emissions, Experience silent cruising on our solar electric boats, a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.




VAMP offers an end-to-end solution supplying fully electric powertrains, high speed DC charging and technical consultancy for the electrification of superyacht tenders.


Seal 5


Vita is a marine technology company that develops electrical powertrains and engines in the marine sector with electric power.




The Vita Lion is powered by Vita Power’s latest generation  all electric V4 propulsion system, and incorporates proprieatary  throttle  and touchscreen technology to deliver a peak power of 590 HP and 1 hour DC charge time.

x shore

Eelex 8000


Through new technology and innovative research, smart design and sustainable materials, X Shore embraces the long tradition of maritime craftsmanship while shedding the dirty institution  of fossil  fuels. X Shore wish to set a course for long-term sustainability.

x shore

X Shore 1


X Shore is a Swedish company behind a generation of revolutionary and quiet all-electric boats aiming at large scale production.