Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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solar class


Still in its firmament

Match race duels, a slalom contest and fleet races are among the many events to test to the limits this category which has been at this event since its launch in class teams will take part in the parade, qualifying laps, YCM speed record, endurance race, slalom race and championship race.


Solar panel



Founded in 2014, Sunflare Solar Team’s dedication to sustainable living led them to the forefront of solar boat racing.


With a hands-on approach to innovation, the team prioritized efficiency and weight reduction. Their relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in their triumphant win in 2023. A testament to their belief: for the best results, craft it yourself.

Main features

  • Boat built following the class regulations
  • Solar Energy only authorised onboard
  • Full battery for the start
  • Battery recharge only authorised during a race if using solar panels
Sunflare Solar Team MEBC

Sunflare Solar Team (Netherlands)

Fondation Sunflare Solarteam

Siyahamba Solar Boat MEBC

Siyahamba Solar Boat (South Africa)

Durban University of Technology

Solex Solar Boat (England)

University of Exeter

GUT Solar Boat Team (Poland)

Gdańsk University of Technology

HvA Team Solar (Netherlands)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

BME Solar Boat Team MEBC

BME Solar Boat Team (Hungary)

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Técnico Solar Boat (Portugal)

Instituto Superior Técnico 

TGM - Solar Boat Team

TGM – Solar Boat Team (Austria)

Technological Museum of Crafts - HTL Wien XX

AGH Solar Boat team

AGH Solar Boat (Poland)

AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow

HVA team

HAN SOLAR BOAT (Netherlands)

HAN University of Applied Sciences