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National technical university of Athens




Oceanos NTUA’s primary plan for 2019 is elaborated in four segments which analytically refer to the design, the structure, the electronics and the propulsion of a ship model designed to compete in Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge 2019.

Design: The preliminary and the most important part of the design is to study and compare the advantages of different designs regarding the cockpit and find all the parts that are going to be used for our vessel.

Propulsion: This project aims to design the propulsion system for the vessel prototypes. More precisely, various propeller geometries will be investigated both theoretically and experimentally to attain the specified goals.

Structural: The aim of the structural design project deals with the study and conclusion as to how our model ships and the parts included will finally be constructed. Additionally, the ship’s durability study will determine the materials to be used for our ships to achieve the desired endurance levels with the minimum weight possible.

Electronics: We will focus on the development and construction of a storage and propulsion system which will solely utilize solar power. The cornerstones of our project are:
a photovoltaic generating system, an energy storage solution, an electric propulsion system and the telemetry interface.


Team Manager: Nikos Vlachakis

Participation : 2nd (Energy Class Challenge)




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