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HAN University of Applied Sciences



Started in 2013 by the collaboration between the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) and QConcepts Design & Engineering BV (QCDE).
QCDE is formed by Jurian Rademaker, who has prior experience in sailing. He won the Volvo Ocean Race as a member of the technical team of ABN AMRO.
Jurian had prior experience in building solarboats for Lianzon. The HAN approached him to create a solarboat for the HAN.
Together they want to promote sustainable innovation.




A monohull of 5,7 meters flying above waters with three foils. Project is manufactured by students of the HAN and professionals of QCDE. Our mission is to enthuse students from higher and secondary education in technology , sustainability and innovation by offering challenging projects related to the HAN Solarboat. Technology used: 3D printing, light weight structures, custom made electronics, rapid prototyping. Special features: re-used components, composites and 3D printed crossovers / hybrids, three solid carbon foils, ,modular electronics



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