Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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Discovering the Future of Mooring

Aqua superPower, in collaboration with the Yacht Club de Monaco, is introducing the YCM E-Dock. This innovative pontoon comes equipped with both AC (Alternative Current) and DC (Direct Current) chargers, ensuring fast and reliable charging for up to 20 electric boats concurrently.

These boats moored at the all-electric dock are participating in the YCM E-Boat Rally between Monaco and Ventimiglia in Italy.

Experience the Future of Boating: Join Us at the YCM E-Dock!

Aqua superPower

"Monaco was the first to recognise the potential of electric propulsion and capacity to transform the yachting industry"
Alex Bamberg
CEO Aqua superPower

Aqua superPower was founded to create the infrastructure necessary to make the transition to electric boating possible. They are focused on reducing the environmental impact of boating on our oceans and waterways.


The Yacht Club de Monaco was among our earliest supporters and in 2019 was the first location in the world to install DC marine fast chargers.




boats at the e-dock in 2024