Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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2023 entry list

  • EPFL

tu delft hydro motion

1 participation

With a team of 25 students from different study backgrounds from TU Delft, we show that it is possible to design, build and race a flying hydrogen-powered boat in just one year.

exocet polytechnique

2 participations

For its second participation, Exocet is presenting a boat project fitted with a new hydrogen system with the aim being to improve performance in the Endurance Race as well as the Slalom contest.

1 participation

RaceBird, a new all-electric raceboat prototype set to line up on the starting grid in the E1 World Championship. The 7m long single-pilot vessel utilises innovative hydrofoil technology to minimise drag and maximise energy efficiency. The RaceBird can fly above the water’s surface and is capable of reaching a top speed of 50 knots. The raceboat is powered by an electric motor developed by Mercury Racing, which supplies a peak power output of 150kWh together with a 35kWh battery produced by Kreisel Electric.


Swiss Solar Boat works on Hydrogen hybridisation of their solar boat with foils with a boat on foils over 7m in length, powered by solar panels and able to reach a top speed of 23 knots in ideal conditions.

institut rosenberg

Developed by students of Institut auf dem Rosenberg in collaboration with SAGA Space Architects, the Blue Nomad is a self-sufficient solar floating habitat showcasing a fossil-free future for living and traveling on the ocean. To address climate change, rising sea levels and contemporary nomadism, it provides a comfortable living space that relies purely on solar power.


Comprising 20 naval architects and oceanic engineers, the team focused on development of a hydrogen fuel cell battery hybrid powertrain for their first participation in this event.


The Green Foiling Spain project is a boat using automatically controlled hydrofoils and a propulsion system powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, with an emphasis on safety.

malizia explorer

Malizia-Seaexplorer is fully equiped with 3x more Solbian solar panels than the previous boat and carries hydro-generators in order to run purely on renewable energy. The boat also carries The Ocean Pack, a miniaturised lab, tracking water temperature, salinity and CO2 in the sea concentration which is then shared the scientific community.