Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

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open sea class


Testing new units

The Open Sea Class is mainly open to exhibitors in the YCM Marina and boats already on or about to enter the market.
Alongside the regular challenges (manoeuvrability trials, endurance race, etc.), the first YCM E-Boat Rally for electric boats available on the market will show the public what the future of leisure boating could look like. The 21 nautical mile rally (there and back) is between Monaco and Cala del Forte in Ventimiglia where contestants can recharge if necessary and present their boats to the Italian public.



WINNER 2022 & 2023


Dominating the waves and competition, Vita Seal clinched the top spot in the Open Sea Class at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge in 2023. Their victory stands as a testament to their unmatched expertise and commitment to sustainable marine propulsion. Congratulations to Vita Seal for setting new horizons in the realm of energy-efficient boating!

Main features

  • Units under 12m
  • Alternative energy propulsion system
  • Boats capable of carrying at least 3 persons
  • CE Certified to Category C (market ready boat) & non-certified prototypes (validation by the Technical Committee required)
  • Separate results for certified and non-certified boats

E-boat rallye