Student Spotlight – Roald de Brouwer

Roald de Brouwer from UAntwerp Solar Boat Team joined the challenge in 2019 to expand his practical knowledge and tackle new horizons!

Check out his experience here below:

What have you learned from being part of MCSEBC?
Teamwork is very important to do good races. Search for effective solutions for
problems during races.

What do you like most about the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge?
The engineer’s atmosphere where everyone wants to build the best boat. The
rivalry during races but the teamwork while building the boat.

If you could describe your experience in this challenge in 3 words, what would it be?
Knowledge is power!

What do you hope to gain from this event?
A lot of experience for future projects.

Do you want to pursue a career in the Yachting Industry? If yes, why?
We will see what my future will bring.
My interests are open to all industries, including the yachting industry.

Did you know about opportunities in the yachting industry prior to this challenge?
If not, have you discovered opportunities by being a part of this challenge?
Didn’t think about the yachting industry prior to this challenge. I learned for sure that
electronics are very important for a solar boat. So the challenge gave me a new
insight in the area of opportunities in the yachting industry.

Have you had previous work experience? If so, what skills did you develop that you
believe has helped you with this challenge and will help your success in the
business world?
Actually this was my first big experience on a project. The skills I needed during the
challenge and which I trained were teamwork, determination, punctuality and media