Student Spotight – Anton Brosens

UAntwerp team member Anton Brosens shares his view of the event!

Anton joined the team in his last Bachelor year and is currently studying a Master of Electromechanical Engineering and Offshore Engineering.

Check out his experience here below:

“I currently have no clear idea of what I will be doing the first few years yet. I still have too many interests in different industries, like environmental engineering, bioengineering, and others.

Probably I will continue studying for a while to enlarge my career options. My aim is to grow into an executive position of a company, so I can lead projects,
solving various problems that challenge me.

For the first time I participated to the challenge in 2019. I heard about it through the team leaders of the UAntwerp Solar Boat, convincing me to join the team. Working as a team to obtain our goals in this challenge seemed a nice experience to me. I was interested to work on the hydrofoil-system (which is still in process) for my Bachelor thesis. Except engineering skills, I immediately realised this project would be very educational and useful for my future in the engineering industry: solving problems in team, networking with possible investors, enlarge connections.

Later on, I discovered this was all true. I also learned that almost nothing works from the start. Both during the precursory year as well as during the challenge, we must deal with lots of problems.What I liked most about this challenge is the competitive but still friendly and helpfulness interaction with other teams. We all have the aim to sail as fast as possible, with only green energy. It is a pleasant way to make clear it is not necessary to pollute the environment for energy.

I can describe this experience in three words: exciting, fun, captivating. At this moment, I’m open for many industries. As a student, the yachting industry is still unknown for me, but I’m open for more information. I always have the intention to improve things, so I think I can enjoy myself designing yachts. But now it is still too early to make concrete plans yet.

I have had previous work experience, but not in the engineering sector. I worked in the catering sector, improving my communicative and teamwork skills. I also did some student work as a painter to ameliorate my practical skills.”