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École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne – EPFL 

Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud – HEIG-VD



Swiss Solar Boat is a student team from the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) founded in 2019. In 2014, EPFL students decided to take part in HydroContest, an innovative student competition focusing on maritime energy efficiency. As an educational and awareness-raising tool and an incubator for ideas and technologies, the Hydro- contest brought together the engineers of tomorrow around this problematic. Six years and the construction of several boats later, many students joined with the same energy and motivation in the desire for performance and innovation. Looking for a new challenge, a new team, Swiss Solar Boat, was founded in 2019 with the aim of participating in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. Drawing on our experience, this project marks a new chapter in our history: the construction of a boat with a pilot powered by solar energy. Swiss Solar Boat aims to participate, for the first time, in the 2021 edition of the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge in the solar category.





Breaking with existing designs, our boat is developed on the basis of a proa, an asymmetrical Polynesian concept combining speed and lightness. With foils and a structure composed of fine-fold carbon and linen fibers in order to fuse performance and low ecological footprint, combined with flight control, it is possible to achieve both excellent stability and a potential of exceptional speed. More details about the innovative aspects of our boat will be revealed in Monaco.




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