Project Detail


University College London



This project will aim to design and build an emission free and sustainable propulsion system powered by solar panels to compete in the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge. Our team is comprised of 7 Masters level Mechanical Engineering students with expertise in computational modelling and electric propulsion. The focus of the project will be to make the propulsion system as efficient as possible by optimising the capacity of the energy source (solar panels) and energy storage (battery) as well as the implementation of real time monitoring and energy management system during the race. This will minimise the overall cost of the project and maximise efficiency and/or performance depending on the power demand during the race.

In addition, a highly efficient propeller, steering system and a power delivery system will be designed and manufactured to maximise efficiency, performance and manoeuvring. A lightweight cockpit will also be designed to accommodate the pilot and the propulsion system whilst providing the necessary strength to withstand the static and dynamic loading applied during the competition. The project will take advantage of the UCL Department of Mechanical Engineering facilities and workshops to build, assemble and test the designed propulsion system and the cockpit.


Team Manager: Giles Thomas

Participation : 2nd (Energy Class)