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University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer


We used the boat of last year as a base for further improvement instead of building a new one. The hull of ou rboat is designed in such a way that it is as hydrodynamical as possible. In case it looks familiar: we have used this design by Jacob Blom since the beginning of our project in 2016. The solar panels now have an efficiency of 24%, which means that we can use 24% of the energy the sun radiates on our sun deck. We designed two new propellors: one for sprint and one for endurance races to optimise our efficiency. For the last few years we have used an electronical feedback system to make our foils change in angle. We have put a lot of effort in building a new, functional control system. This year we have also redesigned our foils in a very different way: using flaps just like an aeroplane. This way, w ehave a lot less resistance in the water, while still generating enough lift.




Solar Boat Twente is a student team affiliated with the University of Twente. This project was founded in 2016 in Enschede. Our team changes every year, which means we start with new people with fresh minds in September. This year, 13 students with a variety of study backgrounds joint the team to work on our boat and to improve our image. With new inspiration, mindsets and ideas, we strive to be as innovative as possible each year. Sadly, we could not make a new picture with the whole team complete, due to regulations in the Netherlands.



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