Project Detail


Universitas Indonesia


Our team officially has been together for 2 years since the last team’s regeneration on 2019.  We began our journey since 2018 for The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. Our main reason to do this project is we are interested to do a research about a renewable energy that used for boat and also to manufacture a boat that will not be a harm for the environment (eco-friendly). Other than that, we want to show to the world that our country could also compete on international event. The reason why we choose Energy class is because it is relevant with our team’s main goal, to do a research on renewable energy and to invent a boat based on that idea.



  • Our ship using azimuth propeller for good maneuvers
  • Propeller has been designed for good efficiency
  • We are using a good strength material
  • For our Steering system, we are using Flex Mechanical Steering
  • Using NACA 0015 with costumized into less drag
  • Using Li-Ion as main energy storage.
  • Photovoltaic for supplementary energy.
  • BLDC motor as main propulsion.




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