Project Detail


Ensta Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris


All of us are students at ENSTA Paris, a prestigious engineering school in France. The team has got together because each one of us expressed interest in boat systems and clean energies. The inspiring aspect of innovation and the challenging conception of a boat within one year of work has motivated us to participate in this project proposed by the school.

Nonetheless, this is the first time that ENSTA Paris has introduced the challenge to its students within the framework of our education. Therefore, our team helped by teachers and engineers will lay the first stone on this project that will be conducted through next years. Entering in this stimulating tournament gathering numerous worldwide schools is encouraging us to work hard for a convincing and efficient final product that we’ll have the honour to present to the challenge this year.



Boat rudder actuate from steering wheel,
Team designed Electric Thruster (with waterproof brushless motor 4kW)
5kWh Designed Battery  from Li modules with BMS (Battery Management System)
Cockpit made from modular aluminium structure
Design specifications :

  • Cockpit weight : 75 kg
  • Cruise Speed : ~ 9.5 knots
  • Max speed : ~ 13 knots
  • Battery :
  • Cockpit material : aluminum
  • Direction : azimuthal