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AGH University of Science and Technology


In autumn of 2015, a group of students started a multi-department joint action project – they shared their common dreams and one goal – to participate in the international solar boat competition in Monaco. The diverse skills of the members helped to create the first team, which has grown significantly over the coming months and years.

Building a solar boat is not only an engineering challenge, but also our manifesto about the sustainable development of maritime transport. As students of the AGH University of Science and Technology we are aware of the current and future challenges faced by our planet.

AGH Solar Boat is almost six years of hard work, passion and dreams of creating boats which are ecological, as well as innovative. Our team is full of ambitious people who value good atmosphere and constant development. The team, which regardless of adversities ceaselessly wades forward.



Boat & propulsion characteristics:

  • weight: 110 kg,
  • length: 6 m,
  • width: 1,6 m,
  • custom made solar panels (1450 W),
  • custom drive system using 2 BLDC motors (2 & 4 kW), optimized for efficiency, composite monocoque design fully analased with FEA, custom propellers(single & contrarotating), replaceable carbon hydrofoils.



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