MEBC 2023 - Join us in 2023 for an electrifying 10th Anniversary Edition!

  The YCM is unveiling one of the novelties for 2023: The Innovation LAB a new concept which will be revealed at the Yacht Club de Monaco at the occasion of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (5-8 July 2023)  

4 categories on display:

  • Alternative Energy System
  • Alternative Propulsion System
  • New Material
  • Innovative & Sustainable Yacht/Boat.
  The Innovation Lab aims at bringing into the light products & projects which are forward thinking and are deemed to have a measurable impact on Sustainability in Yachting. Nomination Request are now open via the submission just here.  The full Innovation Lab Rules can be discovered on this link.  

Innovation LAB Schedule

November 10thInnovation Lab Nomination Request Opening
March 15thInnovation Lab Nomination Request Closure
Mach 23rdUnveiling Innovation Lab Nominees at the Monaco Ocean Week
April 21stInnovation Lab Winners Announced
July 5-8thDiscover the Best of Innovation in each category at the Yacht Club de Monaco