Erwan Grossmann – Biocomposites Webinar

ERWAN GROSSMANN – BIOCOMPOSITES WEBINAR – 11th December 2019 at 15:00 (GMT +1:00)

Join us for an interactive live session with Erwan Grossmann, Head of Biocomposite Design at Kairos Biocomposites!

Mr. Grossmann will talk about material properties and how they have significantly driven the evolution of yacht design over the years.
The evolution of mechanical properties of boat building materials has also been associated to an increase in their environmental impact.
Alternative fibres, resins and core materials and are presented as well as their potential for environmental impact reduction.

” I am naval architect from Southampton Solent University and mechanical engineer from the University of Auckland. I worked in a research centre of composite
material before coming to Kairos in 2013. I have been hired to develop the biocomposite design office.
We started using biocomposites for nautical application in 2012 and Kairos is nowadays a reference this field. Later we got involved in
development and industrialisation projects for various industries: nautical, cosmetics, furniture, point of purchase, construction, and others. ”