Webinar – Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2022


Thursday October 21st,  52 engineers and aspiring engineers attended the Technical Rules webinar dedicated to the Monaco Energy Class which pre-registration will close soon.

This webinar was presented by the Technical Committee to answer all the technical questions teams may have before the submission of their project proposal due December 15th.

The Technical Committee headed by Jérémie Lagarrigue from EODev answered to questions from teams joining online from China, Indonesia, France, Peru,Canada, Italy, Portugal….

Following the webinar minor changes are applied to the rules for clarifications, and as a result a revision of the Notice of Race and the Technical Rules has been issued. Also published the Onboard Power Calculation for Boats Using H2 which should help the teams to avoid exceeding the power allowance onboard.

One of the new feature of the rule being the increase from 5 to 10Kwh of Energy allowed on board. This will allow the teams to develop their project and possibly have an even more spectacular race.