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Technical Advances #energyboatchallenge

Faced with the environmental and technological challenges to which it is crucial to provide answers, the Yacht Club de Monaco aims to foster a new vision of yachting and to promote a positive approach through a unique event.

  • More partnerships between the industry and universities: propulsion systems inspired by biomimetics, work on fuel cells, etc.
  • Use of sustainable durable materials like Flax Fiber.
  • Work presented on: Fuel Cells, Battery Management Systems, Maximum Power Point Tracker and manufacture of photovoltaic panels in Ocean Source, with progress made, for example, on recovering heat from fuel cells, enabling 66-68% improvement in efficiency of energy output.
  • Inclusion of Life Cycle Analysis for projects.
  • More and more hydrogen solutions and projects.
  • Supercapacitor usage.
  • Thermoelectric generation.
  • Battery management system presented in Open Source.
  • Innovative solar panel construction presented in Open Source.
  • Biomimetics used to replace the propeller.
  • Improved battery efficiency:
  • More compact
  • More capacity: 0.12 Kw/kilo
  • Optimized battery charge with MPPT, charge controllers, improving voltaic panel performance (by + 95%)
  • Longer battery life
  • Propulsion developments:
  • Improved L-type propulsion system instead of the standard z-type yielding outputs of 80% compared to the industry average of 50%.
  • Ultra-compact counter-rotating propellers producing less noise and vibration.
  • Improved control and efficiency.
  • Presentation of prototype electric engines acheiving 30kW for 13kg (compared to a power weight ration of 13kW for 32kg, the current industry average).
  • Flexible solar panels.

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