Webinar – AQUON

Join us on the 14th of February 2020 at 15:00 (GMT +1:00) for an interactive live session with
Christine Funk [CEO] and Franziska Steidle-Sailer [Strategic Market Developer] of AQUON!

Redefining sustainable yachting – a holistic approach based on green hydrogen propulsion:

With its 68-foot motor catamaran “AQUON One”, the company Swiss Sustainable Yachts is pioneering the first leisure catamaran powered by green hydrogen. This allows zero-emissions yachting and, since AQUON One also produces its own energy from photovoltaic cells and generates green hydrogen directly on board, it has the potential to be energetically self-sufficient.

In this webinar, the market development manager of the company will provide insights into this innovative energy system, as well as the implications it has on other aspects of the yacht design, such as hull and weight optimizations, implications on safety and classification, as well as a smart energy management system and sustainable building materials.



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Industry Spotlight – Harold Guillemin

To kick off this year’s Industry Spotlights we are featuring a very young and innovative entrepreneur,
his name is Harold Guillemin and he is the CEO/Founder of FinX.

Check out how this young man is making a difference here below:


What is your background and how did you develop the skills to direct a company?

After my Master of Engineering at ESME Sudria, I joined the start-up AMS R&D, founded by my father, in order to help in the development of a new industrial pump technology called Wavera that uses an undulating membrane like a fish fin. Launched in 2018, this 200 Watts and 100% electric range allows us to propel a fluid with an energy saving up to 30%. After five years at AMS R&D, as I was well aware of this technology and loved it, I wanted to adapt it to the nautical world and thus propel boats without propellers. In order to have all the necessary skills to develop a start-up, I had the opportunity to do a one-year double Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship at ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec. It was a good way to have all the prerequisites in business, in addition to the technic, such as business management, legal, fundraising, etc. This allowed me to focus on the project and to create FinX. Thanks to all this, FinX is now an amazing team, developing this great bio-inspired propulsion.


Why did you choose to create FinX?

The climatic emergency knocking on our doors, I could not stay idle. Fascinated by this technology, which I helped develop at AMS R&D, I was deeply convinced that I could adapt it to the nautical sector. When you know that a 5 HP combustion boat engine pollutes as much as 38 cars, there is a real urgency to end this aberration!
I decided to adapt this technology to a universe where it could have a greater impact, so it was obvious to develop it in sailing… maybe because I’m a native Breton!


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